Help Us To Give Acid Attack Survivors A New Life. We Can Make A difference!!!!

Every day somewhere or other in the world someone; most likely a woman is being victimized by a brutal acid attack, often by someone known to the victim. India is among a handful of countries that witness the maximum number of horrific acid attacks on women. The male perpetrators disfigure women as a form of revenge. They get hold of the corrosive chemical without difficulty, and have little fear of the law. With limited access to reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, survivors are physically and emotionally scarred for life.


Acid attacks completely spoils and mutilates the face of the victim and sometimes even the eyesight is lost. If the victim is the only earning member in the family, it becomes difficult for the victim and other members of the family to survive.
Dr. Ashok Gupta has been extending help to the economically weaker sections of the society and the acid attack victims since almost four decades. As a lead, Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon and as an expression of social responsibility to the community to extend the benefit of scientific advancement in the field of Reconstructive Plas - tic Surgery, he has examined and treated and given a new lease of life to several acid attack patients, largely women. Often these victims need multiple stages of painstaking reconstructive surgeries over and above a prolonged professional, personal and

social rehabilitation program and need continuous financialsupport. Insufficient infrastructural support at most of the remote and non- metropolitan cities, does not allow the victims of acid attack to get the quality expertise, which otherwise would reduce not only the complexities of deformities and help save some of the vital structure like vision, etc. as well as improve the quality of life. It is an attempt to stress upon the importance of suitable primary treatment as well providing voluntary definitive reconstructive procedure. The laxity of certain sections of the law, allow the offenders to walk away with minimal punishment.

We have been pursuing the policy makers to make stringent provisions to punish the perpetrators of acid attack and succeeded in getting Section 326 A inserted in the Indian Penal Code, which increased the punishment and made provision for ine to be imposed on the culprit. We also demanded, along with others, the reservation for the victims by redeining disability and the new disability act has made the acid attack survivors eligible for reservation in education and employment. We are still working towards regulating the sale of such chemicals which cause serious injuries and plan to pursue it till we succeed.

Our Motto Is To Reach Out And Transform Lives Of Others Who Deserve It Most. Help Us To Help Others, Help Us Reconstruct The Faces Of The Victims To Rebuild Their Future, Help Us Raise Funds So That The Hope Of Victim’s Life Raises Up, Help Us To Give Acid Attack Survivors A New Life. We Can Make A difference!!!!


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