Brother-In-Law Injuring A Teenager

Ms. R Q, aged about 19 years, a resident of Mumbai, a victim of acid burns, wherein her Brother-In-Law had thrown Acid on her face. She has been operated upon earlier on a number of occasions, wherein skin grafting had been undertaken. Her problems on admission with me were:
1. Tight, Hypertrophied, Hyper / Hypo-pigmented scars with skin and soft tissue loss on the Nose, Upper Lip, Chin and Forehead
2. Loss of Vision?? PL on one side
3. Post Burn total loss of Upper + Lower Eyelid structures (L)
4. Loss of Eye Lashes
5. Obliteration of Palpable Fissure on (L) side
6. Obliteration of Fornixes on (L) side

She has been operated upon on a number of occasions over last two years utilizing specialized services of reconstructive microsurgery on a charitable basis under general anaesthesia and has made a significant recovery.

Partial facial reconstruction using Pre-fabrication Technique to develop Upper + Lower lid utilizing lining with Mucosal Graft and thereafter soft and pliable skin from the medial side of the arm / forehead.